Cancun, one of the most famous vacation destinations and beach resorts in Mexico and the world, began quite humbly. With only a handful of Mayan fishermen; population 117, a few caretakers of the coconut plantation; population 3, and a small military base, Cancun’s surroundings were jungle, mangroves and undiscovered white sand beaches.




Cancun Properties for Sale

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"A great retreat in Cancun"
$750,000 USD
"Eco natural home"
Size 5000 sq. ft.
Style 2 Story
18 photos
(New Construction)


"Acabados de Lujo e Importación"
$8,900,000 MXN
"380 m2 de Construcción"
Size 380 sq. m.
Style 3 Story
7 photos
(New Construction)


"Cancun top deal"
$7,000,000 MXN
Size 255 sq. ft.
Style 1 3/4 Story
13 photos

Km 9.5

"Commercial Space For Sale or Rent!!!!"
$6,500,000 USD
Size 757 sq. m.
Style 3 Story
28 photos
$6,300,000 MXN
Size 186 sq. m.
Style Single Story
28 photos
$5,000,000 MXN
Size 165 sq. m.
Style Single Story
9 photos
$4,200,000 MXN
Size 30613 sq. ft.
Style Single Story
19 photos

Hotel Zone

"3 Story House + Condo"
$3,000,000 USD
"A Jewel in The Caribbean Sea!"
Size 600 sq. m.
Style 3 Story
9 photos

Cancun Hotel Zone

$2,700,000 USD
"Fully furnished and equipped!"
Size 5500 sq. ft.
Style Single Story
16 photos
$2,500,000 MXN
Size 699 sq. ft.
Style Single Story
19 photos

Las Olas

" The most prestigious condo in Cancun, modern luxuries and privacy. "
$2,300,000 USD
"Enjoy apartment at the best beach of Cancun "
Size 336 sq. m.
Style Single Story
20 photos
$1,944,167 USD
"$34,995,000.00 pesos"
Size 1636 sq. ft.
Style Apartment
12 photos

Punta Sam

"Ocean front property!"
$1,500,000 USD
Size 5425 sq. ft.
Style 2 Story
11 photos
$1,411,429 USD
Size 346 sq. m.
Style Single Story
14 photos
$1,166,666 USD
"$21,000,000 pesos"
Size 12916 sq. ft.
Style 2 Storey
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In the late 1960s, the Mexican government studied the best place for a new resort city and chose Cancun as the site for a grand international tourist resort. The goal of the ambitious project was to create a tourist destination larger than Acapulco was at that time. 

With the spotlight on Mexico to host the 1968 Olympics, the president devised a tourism plan to stimulate the economy. It is said that a computer program actually selected the site, at a time when the world was just beginning to talk about computers and technology. The plan included a tourism zone, a residential zone and an international airport. Development began in the early 1970s and Cancun rapidly became a vibrant city. The first hotels and the new airport opened in 1974.

Cancun is surrounded by water: the lagoon, bay, and Caribbean. The city is serviced by an international airport, which recently added a new runway and receives nearly 200 arrivals per day. The airport has the capacity to accommodate 34 operations per hour. Cancun is the most prosperous city in the Yucatan peninsula, hosting 4 million visitors annually.

Growth has continued to the north, with the development of Puerto Cancun, called a City Within the City. Elegant hotels, a golf course and a marina comprise the area, along with high-end condos and world-class shopping that is also found in Cancun.

Cancun is divided into two sections of real estate, the hotel zone and downtown El Centro, offering a wide variety of options for buyers.  It also offers great value, often with lower prices per square foot of construction.

Cancun is the gateway to the Riviera Maya, with 14 miles of white sand beaches and a vibrant urban center.


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